Mission of the College

The College was established in 1959 with a noble mission of providing higher education to the underprivileged people of this part of the Country when higher education was a distant dream for most of the people. It was set up with a missionary zeal and untiring efforts of some missionaries of the place. The mission underlying the foundation of Kokrajhar Govt. College reflects in the improvement of the socio economic, cultural and civic life of the people of this area in the subsequent years since the establishment of the College.

At the time of establishment of Kokrajhar Govt. College, the number of Colleges in the lower Assam was limited only to three; B.N.College, Dhubri, Abhayapuri College, Abhayapuri and Goalpara College, Goalpara. So Kokrajhar College covered a large catchment area which is predominantly inhabited by socio economically backward tribal people. Illiteracy was the primary feature of this locality at that time. One of the missions of Kokrajhar Govt. College was to provide the people an opportunity of higher education so that they could shoulder the responsibility of educating their people on large scale.

Like any other backward places of India, the society of this area had suffered from a variety of social evils, such as superstitions, crude social practices, prejudices, etc. Economic system was based on social inequality and exploitation and was of primitive nature. People suffered from poverty, misery, unemployment, diseases. The primary reason for such socio-economic backwardness was ignorance and illiteracy of the People. Removal of socio- economic backwardness through education was also a mission of Kokrajhar Govt. College.

Modern education is rational and based on scientific outlook. The mission of this College was to promote scientific, rational and secular outlook among the people and to help people overcome superstition and evil social practices and to inculcate a rational behaviour.

Gradual progression to higher studies was another mission of this College, so that after completion of College education, successful students would have the opportunity to attain higher education in Universities and technical institutions, etc.

Another mission of Kokrajhar Govt. College was to help the people to get employment. Acquisition of higher education is oriented towards better employment opportunity. Establishment of Kokrajhar Govt. College was also equipped with this noble mission.

Another reason of backwardness was the lack of civic sense among the people. Promotion of civic sense or bringing about civil society can be made only through modern education which was another noble mission of Kokrajhar Govt. College.

Since time immemorial, this region had remained isolated from the mainland physically, socially, economically and culturally. The area was inaccessible due to lack of communication and transport facilities because of its geographical location. Establishment of the Kokrajhar Govt. College was envisaged as a centre of disseminating enlightenment. In order to pull down the barrier of economic and socio-cultural isolation, a centre of intellectual interaction was necessary. People thought the College would play the role of creating unity and integrity among the people. This was another mission of Kokrajhar Govt. College.