There is a Students’ Union in the College known as KOKRAJHAR GOVT. COLLEGE STUDENTS’ UNION (KGCSU) to train and inculcate the students in the democratic spirit, norms and practices as well as to maintain healthy academic standard in the College and to generate healthy competition among the student community.

The KGCSU is a nodal interface between the teachers and the students of the College and more importantly a platform for the students to channelize their energy. It is tasked with certain specific activities like organizing festivals and events like Bonzar Festivel, Fresher’s Social, Social Work, Outreach Programmes, etc. The objective of these activities and programmes is to infuse healthy interaction amongst the student community and showcase their talents and creativity.

The membership of Students Union is compulsory for every student of Kokrajhar Govt. College.

The Union Body has its own constitution, and its actions and activities and also the office bearers are regulated and guided by this constitution.

The Union Body has an Executive Body constituted by the bonafide and regular students of the College through an election held annually.

The details of the categories of members of the Executive Body are specified as here in after in the constitution of the Union Body.

The Union conducts different extra and co-curricular activities for the students of the College under the active guidance of Prof.-in-charges.



Whereas it is expedient to provide guidance and training to the students in the art of maintaining cordial academic atmosphere in the college and cultivate a sense of belongingness to the institution and develop high moral value also to promote fair competition among the students as well as the spirit of common brotherhood, a Union Body of the students is provided in the manner as follows.

Article: 1- The Kokrajhar Govt. College shall have a Students’ Union renamed after the style and title Kokrajhar Govt. College Students’ Union (KGCSU) with a view to look after the overall wellbeing of the students in particular and the development and prosperity of the institution in general and be constituted as stated herein after.

Provided that the jurisdiction of the Body shall be the precincts of the College and shall extend to all spheres of activities that are necessary for the wellbeing of the students and the development and prosperity of the institution.

(i) The Kokrajhar Govt. College Students’ Union shall have an Executive Body consisting of members to be elected annually by the bonafide and regular students of the College aided and guided by the Principal and Prof-in-charges.

(ii) The Executive Body shall consist of:

  1. Principal as President
  2. Vice-Principal as Vice-President
  3. One Prof-in-charge attached to each portfolio appointed by the Principal at his discretion, and
  4. All the secretaries - to be elected annually Until otherwise provided, the following will be the elected members of the Executive

Body :-

  1. General Secretary
  2. Assistant General Secretary
  3. Major Games Secretary
  4. Minor Games Secretary
  5. Debate and Symposium Secretary
  6. Cultural Secretary.
  7. Social Service Secretary.
  8. Literary Secretary.
  9. Music and Song Secretary.
  10. Common Room Secretary: for Boys’ and Girls’ (one for each category).
  11. Class representative from each class.

(iii) All the bonafide and regular students of the College shall be members of the General Body. Membership shall be compulsory.

(iv) The KGCSU, notwithstanding stated herein after shall be subject to such guidance and control as the College Administration may prescribe from time to time and all powers for maintaining discipline are vested in the Principal and his decision shall be final in all such matters.

(v) The Executive Members of the KGCSU shall wear College Blazer of Deep Navy Blue colour with College Monogram as Emblem to wear over the pocket. The Executive Member shall use the crest. In no case the Executive Member will be allowed to convert the Blazer (as prescribed) into any other form of clothing.

Article: 2 The Kokrajhar Govt. College Students’ Union Executive Body stated as KGCSU herein after shall give guidance and leadership to -

  1. Maintain and foster sense of DISCIPLINE AND EXCELLENCE among students.
  2. Realise and install the College Mottos.
  3. Arrange and regulate students’ co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  4. Encourage and promote healthy competition among the students.
  5. Maintain and promote cordial relationships between teachers, officials and students.
  6. Train and provide leadership to students in democratic norms and manners.
  7. Extend co-operation to Administration in the interest of discipline, academic and the institution.

Article 3: Election of Executive Members

  1. Members of the Executive Body shall be elected annually by the members of the General Body of the students.
  2. Election of the Executive Body shall be held as and when notified, usually in September.
  3. President shall constitute the body without election under circumstances not congenial for such exercise.
  4. The entire process of election commencing from the date of filling of nomination papers to the date of declaration of results including the campaign period should not exceed 10 days.
  5. Regular and bonafide students of the College shall participate in the election.

A few important extracts from the verdict passed by the Honourable Supreme Court of India with regard to election of the Executive Members of the Students’ Union in educational institutions has been incorporated below:

(i) Under graduate students between the ages of 17 to 22 years may contest elections. The candidates should in no event have any academic arrears in the year of contesting the election.

(ii) The candidate should have attained 75% of class attendance.

In case of non-availability of candidates fulfilling the norms of election of the Union the Principal will take necessary step in consultation with Students Affair Committee to form an executive body.


In case of any conflict regarding election, the verdict of the Honourable Supreme Court shall be the basis for solution.

Article 4: Oath or Affirmation by Executive Members

Every member, on being elected to the Executive Body shall, before entering upon his office, make and subscribe before the Principal or in his absence Vice-Principal or some other person appointed by him/her on this behalf, an oath or affirmation.

Article 5: Meeting & Quorum

  1. Meeting shall be held with the permission and concurrence on the subjects in the agenda from the President and in his absence Vice-President.
  2. Meetings shall be held in the office of the Students’ Union Body or at such place within the premises of the college as the President or in his absence the Vice-President may notify.
  3. Meetings held outside the College building without permission in writing from the Principal will not be valid.
  4. Meetings presided by the Principal/ Vice-principal or his authorised teacher and attended by the Prof-in-charges shall be valid.
  5. Quorum shall be one third of the members of the Executive Body.
  6. Principal shall be vested with powers to validate proceeding without quorum.

Article: 6 Duties, Functions & Responsibilities

The Secretaries and other office bearers of the Union Body shall perform such duties and discharge such function and responsibilities as provided under:-

(i) The General Secretary shall look after the general and over all activities of the Union and act as co-ordinator of duties assigned to other portfolio holders.

(ii) The Assistant General Secretary shall assist. the General Secretary in discharging his functions and when the General Secretary is unable to perform his duties and discharge his responsibilities owing to absence, illness or any other cause, the Assistant General Secretary shall discharge his duties and responsibilities until the date on which the General Secretary resumes his duties.

(iii) Major Games Secretary shall be in charge of Athletics, Body-building, Weightlifting, Football and Cricket.

(iv) Minor Games Secretary shall be in charge of Badminton, Table tennis and Volley ball.

(v) Debate and Symposium Secretary shall organise debate, symposia etc. and arrange for the regulation of the same.

(vi) Cultural Secretary shall deal with all types of cultural activities such as drama; go as you like etc. connected with cultural affairs.

(vii) Social Service Secretary shall be concerned with students’ welfare activities & N.S.S.

(viii) Literary Secretary shall be responsible for publication of college magazine and other literary activities.

(ix) Musical activities shall be the concern of Music Secretary.

(x) Common Room Secretary: Secretary for Boys’ Common Room and that of Girls’ Common Room shall respectively look after the general amenities of the Common Room.

(xi) Class representatives shall take care in keeping touch with the class room problems and manage for their solution with the approval of the authority concerned.


(a) Portfolio holders shall discharge assigned duties under the guidance of respective Prof-in-charges.

(b) Programme of each Secretary shall be passed in the Executive Body meeting before execution or put it into action.

(c) All activities must be within the budget provision.

(d) The Body or the individual secretaries and members shall not lend its name, his/her or their names or carry out programmes / activities in support of any organisation in official capacity without being discussed and passed in valid Executive Body meeting or without permission of Principal in writing.

(e) Members of the Executive Body shall not be exempted from the operation of Assam Education Code and such rules as prescribed from time to time by the College authority.

(f) All notices desired to be pasted by the KGCSU anywhere in the College premises or circulated shall require the approval of the Principal.

(g) Members of the Executive Body, secretaries in particular shall be responsible for submission of proper accounts of the expenditures incurred and shall not be exempted from the operation of the Assam Finance Rules.

Article 7: Breach of Discipline and Disqualifications

The College authority is vested with the power to disqualify member of KGCSU for the breach of discipline in the form as stated herein after and such as prescribed from time to time by the administration:

(i) Habitual unpunctuality.

(ii) Various forms of immoral and indecent acts.

(iii) Arranging any gathering in the premises or grounds belonging to the College against the order of the College authority or without permission from the Principal in writing.

(iv) Indulging in unlawful activities of any kind.

Article 8: Funds

The College shall maintain a fund out of the session charges to meet the expenses for the maintenance and regulation of activities of the KGCSU and provided further that -

(i) Fund shall be provided by the Principal out of the session charge earmarked.

(ii) Office bearer shall maintain proper accounts of expenditure with the help of the Prof.-in-charges.

(iii) Defaulting office bearers in accounts shall be liable to punishments as per Assam Financial Rules/withheld of result/ promotion to next higher class.

Article 9: Prerogative of the President

The president shall make rules for the more convenient transaction of the business of the Union Body and shall not be called in question for such action nor shall be answerable to anyone and shall have the power-

(i) To cancel election result/ withhold result and dissolve the Executive Body as and when deem fit.

(ii) To extent the facilities to the recognised Body at his discretion.